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The TLG trading robot brings from 3 to 15% per month, depending on market volatility
It's better to use TLG Bot First

It all depends on which robot you have chosen, and trading account type.

For cent account:

  • TLG Bot Первый – от 100$
  • TLG Bot Второй – от 400 $

For a regular account:

  • TLG Bot Первый – от 2 000$
  • TLG Bot Second - from $ 40 000
There is a detailed installation and configuration manual available in your personal cabinet
The algorythm works with one currency pair - EUR / USD, which is one of the most liquid on the market and the level of volatility of this pair allows you to withstand the risks specified in each of the trading settings
That algorythm has been successfully making profit for more than 3 years. Using standard conservative settings, loss is extremely unlikely. However, trading is accompanied by significant risk, and does not suit every investor. An investor may lose all his initial investment. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

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