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About TLG Bot

TLG Bot – Unique automatical trading system for Forex market. This program is designed to generate passive income without the participation of a trader.

Accurate, high-speed automatical electronic adviser. No emotions, just profit!

Reliable and modern tool for stable passive income

Algorythm programmed for instant error-free calculations and opening series of orders according the market situation.

Let your money
work for you!

Advantages of TLG Bot

Work around the clock

You don't need to be permanently in front of the PC. No matter what you do, the robot will conduct transactions in the market. You won't miss any trading opportunities and maximize profit.

Emotions-free approach

Humans, regardless of trading experience, are prone to emotions. Most of all, of course, this applies to beginners in this matter. A trading robot has no emotions, only solid calculation and strict logic

Accuracy = Profit

People can easily make mistakes in calculations. A trading robot always operates according to a given algorithm. It helps to achieve the desired results with jewelry accuracy.

Super-sonic speed of reaction

Every second, the trading bot monitors a large number of levels, lines, volumes, so it quickly and accurately performs complex calculations, and instantly makes a decision and submits an order.

Who is our TLG Bot suitable for?

For everyone, who wants to make profit

For people, who want to start invest to financial markets, but you don't have enough time or passion to study.


For experienced traders, who doesn't have plenty amount of time to monitor the market.


For high-level professional traders, to add great profitable trading system to their portfolio.

Price for our TLG Bots

At the moment there are two of the most effective robots

TLG Bot First

Cost 500 $

TLG Bot Second

Cost 1200$

Affiliate program

Each TLGBot subscriber has the opportunity to participate in our affiliate program

You just need to recommend it to your friends

For each purchase by your friends, you will receive a partnership remuneration

Multi-lever affiliate program with 10 levels depth

You will have the opportunity to earn up to 80% of each sale!

What does a client get when buying TLGBot?

Passive income from trading

You do not need to do anything yourself, just start the robot, and it does all the work for you, and you make a profit

Earnings without leaving home

Stay home and earn money. No need to go anywhere and do something. To work, you only need a PC or smartphone and the Internet access to run the VPS server

Access to Affiliate program

You will get access to our affiliate program and make extra income

Work stages

Just few simple steps to start work with us!
Opening an account with a reliable broker with a license
Initial registration with a broker for trading, and full verification of identity
Trading account funding
After ID verification you need to fund your trading account. There are many deposit methods available (Bank Wire, CreditCard, Crypto, etc)
Payment for TLG Bot
After registering on our website, you need to pay for the selected Advisor. After payment, we will setup the adviser on your trading account and you install it on the VPS server. All instructions will be available in your personal cabinet
Get Materials and Accesses
In your personal cabinet you will receive detailed instructions how to buy and setup a VPS server, as well as install the adviser on your account
Getting a monthly stable income of 3-15%
The work begins. You get a stable monthly income


The TLG trading robot brings from 3 to 15% per month, depending on market volatility
It's better to use TLG Bot First

It all depends on which robot you have chosen, and trading account type.

For cent account:

TLG Bot First - from $ 300
TLG Bot Second - from $ 3 000

For a regular account:

TLG Bot First - from $ 2 500
TLG Bot Second - from $ 40 000

There is a detailed installation and configuration manual available in your personal cabinet
The algorythm works with one currency pair - EUR / USD, which is one of the most liquid on the market and the level of volatility of this pair allows you to withstand the risks specified in each of the trading settings
That algorythm has been successfully making profit for more than 3 years. Using standard conservative settings, loss is extremely unlikely. However, trading is accompanied by significant risk, and does not suit every investor. An investor may lose all his initial investment. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

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Trading on Forex market implies serious risk including the risk of loss of all the funds invested. Please, take into account that trading on the forex market isn’t suitable for all investors and traders. Previous result doesn't guarantee same results in the future. The TLGBot team is a software developer and does not manage funds.

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